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About East West Math

East West Math is an educational consulting firm dedicated to bringing mathematically rich materials, sound pedagogical principles and world-class teaching practices to schools across the United States.  

East West Math provides Singapore Math® and Japanese Lesson Study teacher training both on-premises in the learning center in Chatham, NJ and on schools’ sites in the tri-state area and across the United States.

We bring academic rigor and classroom experience in helping schools to ensure consistency of a program implementation and teaching methods across all grade levels.

As an official partner of Singapore Math Inc., East West Math distributes and supports the original Singapore Math® K-8 programs to schools in the north-east United States.

We provide schools with full solutions to new program adoptions.  East West Math’s clients value our expertise in the pedagogical content knowledge of top math programs and rely on our commitment to deliver complete solutions to schools.

“At East West Math’s core is an exceptional team of top experts in education, Singapore Math, Japanese Math, Common Core and Lesson Study, all sharing passion for improving mathematical education of our students.”
Greg Soldatenko, East West Math LLC’ General Manager

East West Math’s experts worked with over 100 large public districts and small schools in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and other States.