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East West Math specializes in the Singapore Math® and Lesson Study training for teachers. We offer engaging and interactive Singapore Math teacher training on schools’ sites and online to meet the needs of modern educators across the United States and abroad.

Topics covered include all essential and advanced topics of the curriculum, including CPA, number sense, bar modeling, fractions, and others. We specialize in virtual learning and helping teachers create engaging math instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners and honors all the essentials of the Singapore model in a virtual environment. Ideas are exchanged, thinking is influenced, and through this, learning happens.

This is what we mean by designing instruction specifically for the online environment.



I loved this course and really appreciated the lesson plan design and video tutorials. I know you mentioned that you did not find much value in "Think Central" but I would have loved a breakdown of the different parts and how/IF they could be used in the classroom or remotely. Thank you, Kathleen, for another amazing class!
Lisa P., Teacher, New York. 08/08/21

I think the discussion forum was almost the best part of this course, as it really allowed us to share ideas and delve into the thinking behind the Singapore Approach… Kathleen has been amazing, keeping the course open for me and always responding to posts, reflections and questions thoughtfully and with lots of new ideas! Great course, will be recommending it to others at my school. Thank you!
Mary U., Math Specialist, Australia. 08/08/21

I was very pleased with this PD. Kathleen answered all of our questions and was prompt in doing so. It was set up beautifully. The videos and reading selection were spot on and very informative. I also appreciate Kathleen adding more reading for specific questions we had. I have told my administrator and colleges about how much I enjoyed and learned from this course. Thank you!
Kathryn M., Enrichment Specialist, Florida. 08/01/2021

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