Professional Development

We help you implement Singapore Math® Primary Mathematics or Math in Focus:

  • Helping teachers with interactive workshops
  • Helping schools with Singapore Math®
  • Helping parents with in-school workshops

At our Teachers Institute in Chatham, NJ, we offer interactive, hands-on workshops that focus on improving mathematical content knowledge and pedagogy in a small group setting.

Individual teachers can register for a variety of workshops that are offered throughout the year. Or you can send groups of your teachers to our center and we can customize workshops to suit the needs of your school. Click here to see the upcoming Events & Registration.

We also offer consulting services to a variety of public, private and charter schools onsite.

If your school is already using Singapore Math® Primary Mathematics or Math in Focus we offer several plans:

  • Seminars & interactive workshops
  • Demo lessons & classroom-based coaching
  • Lesson Study & annual follow up
  • Evening workshops for Parents

For schools that are planning to adopt Singapore Math® we offer a FREE planning consultation: we can come to your school, assess your needs and, then, suggest the optimal plan for adopting Singapore Math®. Proper planning will ensure a smooth transition to the new program for students, teachers and parents in your district. Since schools differ in size, demographic makeup and budgetary means, we customize every professional development plan to suit the needs of a particular school or a district.

Our goal is to improve the instruction of mathematics in your school. We work with you to achieve this goal. We bring a variety of workshops for your teachers, customize evening workshops for your parents and, if necessary, implement after-school programs for your students.

Our staff developers are experienced teachers, textbook authors, and experts in teaching and learning of mathematics. We can design a professional development program, which will be specifically tailored to your school’s needs. Please contact our East West Math experts.