Harry Kerr

Harry Kerr, Jr. is a consultant with East West Math. In his 24 years in the education field, Harry has taught every grade in K-8 and served as a Mathematics Coach for students in grades 3 through 10. Harry’s focus is on the Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract approach, fluency strategies and overall proper implementation of Singapore Math and in the upper elementary and middle school grades.  For the past ten years Harry has provided hundreds of workshops for teachers demonstrating hands-on, discovery-based mathematics teaching methodologies. Harry currently consults with multiple public school districts to provide professional development in Singapore Math teaching strategies. Harry is the creator of the Basics Training Math Program, a game-based series designed to help students master basic math facts through fun and engaging activities. Additionally, Harry has also created a series of Differentiated Learning Centers to provide teachers with engaging activities for both advanced learners and students in need of remediation.