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Singapore Math® & Japanese Math






Louise Lebrini

“Information was thorough, clear and well presented.” Louise Lebrini, Bronxville School District. Read more


Amy Byrnes

“By engaging committed mathematics teachers with challenging concepts regarding content and pedagogy, the Summer Institute is the perfect transition to going back to school.” Amy Byrnes, Kew Forest School, NY Read more


Barry Ostrer

“Sharing experiences with fellow teachers and using area model to explain the underpinnings of Algebra were the most useful.”Barry Ostrer, Dwight-Englewood School, NJ Read more

East West Math specializes in the Singapore Math training for teachers. We help teachers understand not only how to teach Singapore Math but also how to apply the Common Core Standards for mathematical practices in their classrooms. We offer a variety of seminars to help schools successfully transition to the Singapore Math program. We also customize many of workshops to specific needs of individual public, private and charter schools. Many of our seminars and workshops are interactive. They portray not only the theory behind the program but also show many examples of Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract approach in teaching mathematics. We also offer workshops that specifically focus on building fluency with games and activities.