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Lesson Study is a cycle of teacher-led collaborative work to improve overall learning and instruction in the classrooms. During this process teachers will have the opportunity to establish long-term goals for students, delve into the content of the subject matter in-depth, “connect learning across grades” (CCSS emphasizes on Coherence), collaboratively plan, conduct, observe, discuss and improve teaching and learning. Teachers will be introduced to the Lesson Study multi-faceted approach to unit and lesson planning, establishing lesson goals, deepening subject-matter knowledge, thinking deeply about long-term goals for students, collaborating during lesson planning, assessing student behavior and learning during the research lesson, developing powerful instructional knowledge, observing during the research lesson, post-lesson discussions and improving on the research lesson.

Historically, Lesson Study professional development practices originated in Japan. In his doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago, Dr. Yoshida translated “jugyokenkyu” from Japanese into English as “Lesson Study.” And the new form of Professional Development was born in the United States two decades ago. Since that time, it became very popular in many schools across the United States.