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"How to develop strong number sense in K-2 with Singapore Math® Primary Mathematics"

East West Math is inviting you to attend a workshop "How to develop strong number sense in K-2 with Singapore Math® Primary Mathematics."  It will take place in Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on April 17, 2015 at 2 PM as a part of the 2015 NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition event.

Dates: April 17, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM to 3 PM

Description:  Through the use of manipulatives and activities, this interactive workshop will give teachers a practical understanding of concrete to pictorial to abstract (CPA) approach.  Teachers will benefit from learning strategies for building strong number sense foundation: composing and decomposing numbers within 10 and regrouping within 20.  These topics are highlighted in the CCSS-M.  Formative and summative assessments will be discussed in the context of practice activities.

Suggested audience: Grades K to 2 teachers, special education teachers and math specialists.

Presenter: Jen Shouffler, East West Math LLC

Jennifer Shouffler is a graduate of the math leadership program at Bank Street college. She previously studied secondary education mathematics at Penn State University. Jennifer has been a middle school math teacher, a high school math teacher, a K-12 mathematics supervisor, and now a district administrator for curriculum and instruction in New Jersey.

Ms. Shouffler has been studying international math teaching and learning for the past 15 years. She is particularly interested in math education in Singapore and Japan, and the professional development practice of lesson study. She joined members of Global Educational Research to observe lesson study in Japanese classrooms over two summers. Jennifer returned to help her colleagues translate Japanese elementary mathematics textbooks for grades one through six. Jennifer Shouffler continues to educate parents, teachers, and students through workshops and lessons that make mathematics interesting and meaningful.